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Private Viewing Room

Due to popular demand our  'Private Viewing Room' continues to be very popular


This relatively new service is offering everything you need to view any of your media you have. This private room has been set up very simply to assist you in viewing your media requiring either a specialist bit of equipment, a VHS machine you no longer have or a cine reel that can't play...

This service gives you a prime opportunity to view your footage at your own leisure and make notes of anything that you might not want in the conversion or on the other hand things that you might really want to have included, saving time and money when we convert and also ensuring that you have captured all aspects of your desired memories.

Prices start from:

$20 for 30mins

$30 for 1hour

Anything over this time can be discussed on the day. Viewings on average would take between 30mins and an hour dependant on material.

For further assistance either pop in and see us or give us a call on 07 8239121 or 021732635


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