Broken, Scratched or Erased Disc Recovery

Within a reasonable 'window of circumstances' we are able to recover & save data from broken & / or scratched discs with a high rate of recovered data being successful.



(case in point with pix above, this disc had still images on it & these were recovered.  Albeit any pix directly on the 'crack' were not recovered fully)

We can also 'get back', deleted or erased images from SD cards providing there has not been new images taken after having the media deleted.

Our minimum cost is $45 for setup with nothing further to pay if no data is recovered.

Our studio technician rate is $90 per hour pro rata if any data is recovered.

The process is extensive & includes a deep disc scan which can take up to several hours to complete, depending on the amount of data recoverable.

Recover your images now!

How many days until Xmas?

We're proud our business is situated in a rural

paradise and we enjoy the space and peaceful outlook.

So come and visit if you're passing or just drop in for a coffee.  Love to see you.


Bring in any Hard Disc Drive camera footage for that professional finish to your memories.


Finally, have all those videos of the children converted &  re-live your past.

Why not give the older generation a new digital generation memory of their past so they can treasure it once again.



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