Standards Converting

The world of television (as we knew it) had three different format standards.


The most widely known and used being PAL (Phase Alternating Lines), NTSC (National Television Standard Committee) and SECAM (Séquentiel couleur à mémoire, French for "Sequential Color with Memory")

We can convert from NTSC (mainly American) to PAL (NZ, Australia, UK amongst others) & vice versa depending on requirements for the end use.


SECAM (France) is another standard which can also be processed to PAL.


Prices start at $35 depending on the duration.

How many days until Xmas?

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paradise and we enjoy the space and peaceful outlook.

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Bring in any Hard Disc Drive camera footage for that professional finish to your memories.


Finally, have all those videos of the children converted &  re-live your past.

Why not give the older generation a new digital generation memory of their past so they can treasure it once again.



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