LP's, (33 and 45 rpm) and the old 78's, audiotape cassettes, reel to reel audiotape and micro cassette
Each CD holds approximately 75 - 80min of quality reproduced audio

which will be able to play in any CD player including car players.

Records or Tape Cassettes to CD: $30.00
Reel to Reel audiotape to CD: $40.00


Our audio capturing and conversion software makes it possible to enhance old records and sound recordings to remove the majority of pops and scratches for those collections that are no longer available.
We also master & create musical routines for dressage or dance competitions at competitive rates.

How many days until Xmas?

We're proud our business is situated in a rural

paradise and we enjoy the space and peaceful outlook.

So come and visit if you're passing or just drop in for a coffee.  Love to see you.


Bring in any Hard Disc Drive camera footage for that professional finish to your memories.


Finally, have all those videos of the children converted &  re-live your past.

Why not give the older generation a new digital generation memory of their past so they can treasure it once again.



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RD 3, Cambridge, 3495

Waikato, NZ

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Mobile:  021 732635

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