Film or Cine

Cine or 'moving reel' Film was popular prior from the 1920s to the 1970s before VHS and Betamax home videocassette recorders were invented.

Cine Film formats came in 9.5mm, 16mm and Super 8mm, all, at the time, were ideal for capturing home movie footage.

Cine film has now pretty much become obsolete due to the fast pace of technology.

At MDV, we convert Cine film to media like DVD, USB and MP4, so that you can watch it again and more importantly keep it forever. 


By converting your Cine film, you create a keepsake of the past, to hand on to future generations.


Over time Cine film can deteriorate if not stored properly.  

Is it time you converted your Cine film before it's too late?

Film or Cine Conversion Pricing

Film types - 8mm standard & super, 9.5mm, 16mm also both silent & sound.


Our film conversions are scanned frame by frame in real-time using a non-destructive cool light source.

Old brittle broken edits are repaired at no extra cost.


Colour & sharpness enhancement will be carried out where needed to further enhance the final conversion result.

Reel Size & (approx duration)



  • 8mm (3" =3-4min $45) ~ (5" =12-15min $65) ~ (7" =30min $85) ~ (8" =40min $95)

  • 9.5mm approx reels sizes (3" $60) ~ (5" $110) ~ (7" $140)


  • 16mm (3" =3-4min $60) ~ (5" =12-15min $110) ~ (7" =30min $140)

Once film is converted & the duration is known we then burn to a DVD.

Please refer to Video to DVD costs for the disc burn.

(Note: All prices include 15% gst)

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